The utilities industry is facing a wide range of challenges that are requiring organisations to re-think how they operate. Trends in renewable energy, distributed generation, oil and gas networks and smart grids technology demand new capabilities and these are triggering new business models and regulatory frameworks.

Better use of new and emerging technology is the key to smarter and more efficient critical communications. However, many organisations are currently operating a mix of interconnecting yet poorly integrated technologies. This is holding the sector back.

Simoco, and its sister company smartUC, is committed to improving the communications in infrastructure of major utility networks, bringing diverse resources, technologies and mobility under full control.

In an era of the intelligent networks and connected assets, our expertise lies in unifying diverse platforms and tools. We bring together smart technologies to work effectively with existing voice capabilities across radio, IP, mobile devices, cellular and Wi-Fi.

With companies now finding their legacy SCADA/Telemetry systems no longer meet the demands of mission critical networks, organisations are increasingly looking to upgrade to modern, resilient, future proofed systems.

Our innovative range of products includes:

  • Simoco Pulse – a technology that enables the reliable transmission of secondary SCADA data across a secure, scalable and private network.
  • Simoco Xd – a simple and scalable trunking system that is ideal for companies catering for a handful of users, or thousands operating over a huge geographical area. The Simoco Xd network is the infrastructure to our Simoco Pulse telemetry solution
  • Simoco Xm – Mesh networks allow you to route data through multiple access points spread across large geographical areas. They are connected through a dispersed network of nodes that "talk" to each other to share the network connection. Our Xm radio solution is ideal for the provision of primary SCADA, where higher bandwidth protocols are used.

Utilities customers

Simoco customers in the utilities sector include:

  • Alinta Energy
  • Anglian Water
  • ATCO Gas
  • Central Virginia Electric Coop
  • Dungeness Power Station
  • ElectroPaz
  • Essential Energy
  • Michigan Utilities