Keeping the world’s road networks safe and operational requires communications programmes that meet the particular challenges presented by noisy, inaccessible and polluted environments.

Leading road and tunnel operators rely on Simoco’s experience and knowledge, trusting them to design, build, monitor and maintain their communications systems.

Simoco radio solutions for the road sector meet the needs of varied locations from confined spaces through to those requiring communications across thousands of miles of remote landscape. Using sector knowledge, specialist ability and bespoke products, Simoco excels at confined space engineering and is involved in the operation of some of the busiest road tunnels in the world.

Simoco’s DMR propositions are particularly suited to meet the high capacity needs of maintenance crews and provide reliable and resilient fireground communications for emergency services.

Today’s transport links need smart communications systems and processes that proactively monitor and address maintenance needs before they impact performance. Communicating over mobile radio, VBI, PA and data, Simoco solutions for road environments are varied and reliable. Simoco’s highly skilled teams use M2M, inspection and remote monitoring to keep systems live; working quickly within the parameters of restricted access to minimise downtime and keep traffic moving.

Road Customers

Simoco customers in the roads sector include: