Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Whether operations are on or off-shore, oil and gas locations present some of the most inaccessible and harsh environments. Simoco works across extraction, processing and pipeline operations, providing the world’s leading energy companies with resilient and robust radio systems.

Safety is a priority in oil and gas locations and Simoco’s regulatory knowledge and ability to design, build and manage radio communications is recognised throughout the industry. Inherently safe design and intrinsically safe products minimise risk and can be operated securely, even in the event of an emergency, to keep communications channels open.

Simoco is a manufacturer, as well as a systems designer and managed service provider, deploying customised end to end solutions in oil and gas locations across the globe. International engineering field support ensures that systems are installed and maintained to the highest industry standards.

DMR solutions offer smarter ways of working with telemetry, remote control, monitoring and M2M communications enabling increased insight and management over systems and resources. Digital radio can be fully integrated within Simoco’s wider unified communications solutions to offer enhanced real-time capability.

Oil and Gas Customers

Simoco customers in the oil and gas sector include: