M2M and the role of Radio

M2M technology has firmly established itself at the operational heart of many industries and continues to offer an array of capabilities including remote monitoring, tracking and configuration that ultimately drive efficiencies and better cost management. Simoco considers radio’s place within the M2M market, in respect of wireless communications, as a data bearer within the M2M system.

Entry costs have lowered and a full scale charge into M2M technologies is well underway. M2M is now fully integrated into areas such as biometrics, remote monitoring, location tracking, remote control/automation (SCADA) and asset tracking. It is forecasted that the number of M2M device connections will grow to 2.1 billion by 2021, and these increases will be fuelled by all sectors with utilities, manufacturing, primary industries such as mining and those using in-vehicle telematics taking the lead.

M2M networks are vital to businesses in maximising the utilisation of assets and delivering improved customer service and solutions. The prolific availability of cellular will mean that this is the natural choice for many M2M solutions but M2M will also be delivered over multiple bearers including radio.

In this paper, Stephen Jenkins and Andy Grimmett of Simoco Group discuss the growth in M2M technology and the relative benefits of cellular and radio for use in M2M solutions.

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