Trunked Radio Systems

Simoco have significant experience and expertise in designing trunked radio systems with a range of products in DMR, P25, TETRA and analogue technologies. Trunked radio systems allows a large number of users to share a relatively small number of radio frequencies, delivering a high quality service to the end user whilst making efficient use of frequency allocation. Simoco offers highly scalable trunked radio systems ranging from small single site systems to large geographical areas covered by hundreds of radio sites.

Regardless of the chosen radio technology, trunked radio systems use a control channel on each radio site to broadcast information to radio terminals. Terminals will scan the available control channels and select the site with the optimal radio signal level to perform communications with. When a user wishes to make a call, the terminal sends the request on the control channel and the system allocates a radio frequency to use from its list of available channels. It is this mechanism that allows different groups of users to share a small set of radio frequencies but only hear the conversations that they need to be involved in.

Trunked radio systems also deliver advanced features to users such as call queuing, for example when the called party is already in a call; the ability to send short data messages on the control channel, which can deliver text without requiring a radio frequency to be allocated for the call; and a subscriber database which allows system access and service levels to be managed on a per user basis.

Simoco offer a range of portable and mobile radio terminals, infrastructure base station/repeaters and associated applications for trunked radio systems in a range of PMR/LMR standard technologies. Simoco’s Xfin range delivered the first truly distributed radio systems providing MPT1327 over an IP backbone. This ground breaking technology provided the foundation for Simoco Xd which is the latest generation of digital trunking, providing a range of products conforming to the ETSI DMR Tier III trunking standard. Within the P25 space, Simoco has a range of portable and mobile radio terminals featuring the latest P25 vocoder (AMBE+2) for improved performance in noisy environments which are complemented by base station/repeaters which can be deployed for trunked operation in addition to IP distributed simulcast systems. Finally, Simoco has vast experience in the design and deployment of TETRA systems across a range of operational areas with access to a comprehensive choice of the latest, globally developed TETRA products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.