Critical Communications in the Field	 Critical Communications in the Field  Oil and gas environments present some of the most inaccessible and harsh operating conditions for workforce communications. Mark Yates, Simoco’s Regional Technical Director for SE Asia explores what you need to think about when installing and managing radio systems in this complex sector. Download White paper Distributed Architecture for Radio System	 Distributed Architecture for Radio Systems  The benefits of reliable communications are well understood by operators of business and mission critical radio networks. But are radio users in public safety, utility, natural resources, government and transportation making the best use of today’s telecommunications technology? Download White paper Open Standard DMR trunking	 Open Standard DMR Tier III Trunking  The open standard nature of DMR Tier III trunking has driven its emergence, ongoing development and adoption across global markets. In this paper, Andy Grimmett Head of Product Strategy at Simoco Group examines some of the many different technologies within the PMR/LMR industry and explains why DMR Tier III is emerging as the dominant PMR/LMR standard. Download White paper M2M	 M2M and the role of Radio  Simoco considers radio’s place within the M2M market, in respect of wireless communications as a data bearer within the M2M system. M2M technology has firmly established itself at the operational heart of many industries and continues to offer an array of capabilities including remote monitoring, tracking and configuration that ultimately drive efficiencies and better cost management. Download White paper Simulcast P25	 Simulcast P25: Reality and Myth  The benefits of Simulcast technology are well proven, delivering cost effective wide area coverage, efficient use of frequencies and ease of use for both mobile users and controllers. Andrew Wozencroft, Product Manager and Brian Overton, Bid Engineer, examine the real issues in getting the best performance from Simulcast systems and exploiting the full benefits of an IP infrastructure. Download White paper Critical Communications in a Process Driven World	 Critical Communications in a Process Driven World TETRA Beijing
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Simoco TETRA Products

TETRA-G Base Station
TETRA-G Base Station Brochure
TETRA-G Dispatcher
TETRA-G Dispatcher Brochure
TETRA-G VoIP Recorder
TETRA-G VoIP Recorder Brochure

Simoco TETRA Solutions

TETRA Integrated TETRA Solutions

Simoco is one of the world’s leading systems integrators of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). We are experienced in delivering tailored, reliable, TETRA radio systems to customers in a range of markets including public safety, transport, utilities, mining and other commercial markets around the world.

TETRA A Full-Service TETRA Integration Approach

Simoco has specialist staff in all TETRA radio communication network services and our full-service approach to TETRA systems takes on a "one stop shop" ethos, with dedicated staff that facilitate every aspect of a project's requirements from start to finish.

TETRA Experience Experience in TETRA Systems

With the successfully deployment of many large-scale TETRA systems in industrial markets, Simoco is a name that you can trust with your TETRA communication solution.