Telemetry Solutions

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Simoco Group’s Pulse portfolio enables utility and public service operators to manage and control smart grids and cities across vast and remote operational areas, where cellular coverage is intermittent and installing wired networks has significant cost implications. The solution helps organisations to deliver automated and remote communications, such as real-time monitoring, network optimisation, and proactive maintenance programmes.

Simoco Pulse allows SCADA telemetry applications to be quickly and cost effectively deployed using wireless radio infrastructure. The technology meets the needs of a wide range of utility operations but also serve any sector where there is a requirement to acquire and control data from remote equipment and systems.

Telemetry Products - Secondary SCADA

Simoco Pulse ELITE - Integrated RTU
Simoco Pulse ELITE Data Modem

For in-field deployments, Simoco has developed a fully integrated RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) with digital and analogue inputs for the collection of data and status information from plant equipment such as actuators, pumps, meters and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The RTU also features digital outputs to enable wireless control or distributed automation of these remote devices.

Simoco Pulse ELITE Data Sheet
Simoco Pulse AIR and AIR Pro Data Modems
Simoco Pulse Air and Air Pro Data Modems

For customers who already have RTUs either integrated into their equipment or have existing RTUs deployed over unreliable unlicensed UHF or public networks such as 3G or GPRS. The data modem directly interfaces with any RTU that uses standard telemetry protocols, and transport data back to the SCADA master using reliable digital radio over licensed VHF or UHF channels.

Simoco Pulse AIR Data Sheet Simoco Pulse AIR Pro Data Sheet
Simoco Pulse Gateway
Simoco Pulse Gateway

Simoco’s Gateway products enable the SCADA master(s) to seamlessly interface with the digital radio infrastructure. This makes the radio infrastructure transparent to the SCADA application and requires no customisation or integration in order to deploy SCADA over radio. Systems can either be fully deployed over PMR or can be used to form part of mixed technology telemetry solutions.

Simoco Pulse Gateway Data Sheet

Telemetry Products - Primary SCADA

Simoco Xm Ethernet Radio
Simoco Xm Ethernet Radio

Simoco Xm is a best in class radio modem renowned for overall data throughput and reliability. The software defined radio is a native IP device allowing for both Ethernet and Serial communications.

Simoco Xm Ethernet Radio Data Sheet