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Simoco Simulcast Products

SB2025NT Brochure
Solar 2
Solar 2 Brochure
Solar 25
Solar 25 Brochure
SB2000 Simulcast Base Station Brochure

Simoco Simulcast Solutions

Simulcast Simulcast Overview

Simultaneous radio transmission, or Simulcast systems are ideal when you have a wide area to cover and a limited number of frequencies available. By using a Simoco Simulcast system, it is possible to broadcast the same signal across multiple overlapping sites on the same frequency at the same time.

Simulcast Why Simoco Simulcast?

Simoco has a long history of Simulcast installations, a commitment to working to international standards and extensive experience in IP based mobile radio networks from the analogue Xfin through to P25 and the DMR based Simoco Xd range.

Simulcast Simulcast Features and Benefits

Simoco Simulcast solutions are a favoured option for high performance wide area coverage with limited frequencies.