Where flexibility and reliability in demanding environments is paramount, the SRP9170/80 will meet the challenge.

Rugged construction and IP67 Ingress Protection makes the new SRP9170/80 trunked and conventional the option for the professional user.

P25 Cap Xmode

SRP9180 Portable

SRP9180 Portable


  • General

    Channel Spacing: 12.5, 20 or 25kHz programmable, 10 kHz optional
    Frequency Bands: AC 136 - 174MHz TU 400 - 480MHz UW 440 - 520MHz
    Switching Bandwidth Full Band
    Modulation: Pre-emphasised FM
    Modulation Freq:
    Operating Temp: -30˚C to + 60˚C
    Antenna Impedance: 50
    Environ. Protection: IP67
    Power Supply: Li-ion 2200mAh or 3000mAh
    Battery Life: >13 hours, high transmit power 3000mAh battery, 90:5:5 duty cycle
    Dimensions: 147mm (H); 63mm (W); 36mm (D)
    Weight: 400g (with 3000mAh battery and antenna)
    Environmental Standards: MIL-STD-810 F Method Procedur


    Power Output: Programmable to 0.5, 1, 2.5, 4 or 5W
    Audio Distortion: <3% at 1kHz, 60% deviation
    Audio Frequency Response: +1dB to -3dB of pre-emphasised, 300 to 3000Hz on 25kHz Channel 300 to 2550Hz on 12.5kHz Channel
    Transmit Receiver Time: <25ms
    Hum and Noise: >40db (12.5kHz); >45dB (25kHz)


    Sensitivity: 0.3μV for 12dB SINAD
    Audio Output: 500mW into 16Ω at <5% distortion
    Selectivity: >73dB (25kHz) >65db (12.5kHz)
    Intermodulation: >70dB
    Audio Frequency Response: +1dB to -3dB of de-emphasised, 300 to 3000Hz on 25kHz Channel 300 to 2550Hz on 12.5kHz Channel
    Blocking: >95dB at +/- 1MHz
    Hum and Noise: >40dB (12.5kHz); >45dB (25kHz)

    MPT1327 Trunking

    Operation: Two frequency simplex in MPT1327 trunked systems
    Number of Channels: 1024 trunked channels in 50 sub bands
    Network Capacity: UK - MPT1343 Germany - Chekker (Regionet 43) France - 3RP (CNET2424) Netherlands - Traxys (NL 1343) Australia - Multiax, MPT 1343

    Analogue Conventional

    Operation: Single and two frequency simplex
    Number of Channels: 1000 channels
    Signaling: CTCSS, DCS Sequential Tone (selcall) FFSK, DTMF

    P25 Conventional

    Features: • P25 Compliant • 40 zones of 250 channels • Voting • Trunked • Scanning • 1500 channel pool • DES-OFB and AES Encryption • Individual Calls • Analogue mode • CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/Scrambler • Emergency Calls • GPS Option • Short Messages • Status Messages • Call Alert • Radio Inhibit and Uninhibit

    P25 Trunking

    Features: • 5 trunking systems supported • Individual and Group Calls • DES-OFB and AES encryption • Priority Calls • Emergency Calls • Individual and Group Calls • Short Messages • Status Messages • Call Alert • Radio Inhibit and Uninhibit


    • PMR, TMR, P25 Trunked, P25 Conventional
    • data messaging, signalling, scanning and voting
    • Ruggedized robust construction for demanding field use
    • Bright, easy to read display
    • Ergonomic radio controls for operator convenience
    • IP67 protection against dust and water immersion
    • DES-OFB, AES Digital, custom encryption options
    • Programmable radio parameters and function buttons
    • Safety and emergency functions: Lone Worker
    • Stun, GPS/Man Down* and Emergency Alarm
    • Multi-vendor compatible accessory connector
    • Full Xmode capability including PMR, TMR, P25 Trunked, P25 Conventional
    • 7 Function Keys
    • Channel and Zone Selectors
    • Numeric Keypad
    • 1500 Channels
    • 250 Entry Phonebook
    • 240 Vote Groups
    • 240 Scan Group