St John Ambulance P25 Simulcast White paper
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P25 P25 Overview

Project 25 (P25) is a digital radio standard specified by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) primarily for use in Public Safety such as Police, Fire, Ambulance and emergency services.

P25 Phases P25 Phases and Key Features

P25 equipment can operate one voice path per 12.5kHz FDMA channel (P25 Phase I) or two voice paths per TDMA 12.5kHz channel (Phase II). Phase II is for use on P25 trunked systems traffic channels only.

P25 Range Why Simoco P25?

Simoco P25 solutions allow easy migration or use with other technologies, our P25 products are upgradeable and incorporates Simoco Simulcast infrastrucure for easy deployment.

Benefits of P25 Benefits of Simoco P25

Simoco P25 Users will be able to take advantage of a range of benefits including: Xmode Multimode Flexibility & Migration Options, P25CAP Recognised Interoperability and Simoco's committment to developing P25 Phase 2 Terminals.

P25 Experience Experience in P25 Systems

Simoco has a wealth of experience in the P25 market, recent projects include Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and Victoria State Emergency Services.

P25 Phase 2 Phase 2 P25

The main feature of P25 Phase 2 is that of improved radio spectrum efficiency. In a nutshell, the spectrum efficiency on a P25 trunked system’s traffic channels is doubled, allowing two voice and/or data circuits per 12.5kHz radio carrier.