• Full compatibility with SRP9100 portables
  • Multi mode capability - PMR ,TMR ,P25, conventional and P25 trunked
  • Common transceiver for all models
  • Four interchangeable control heads with programmable and fixed function buttons
  • Flexible mounting options - designed for easy installation
  • 5 frequency bands (66-520MHz)
  • 2400/1200 baud FFSK Data Modem
  • Capacity of 1000 channels (PMR ), 1024 channels (TMR ) and 64 Zones of up to 250 channels (P25)
  • Text message capability
  • FFSK or Selcall ANI
  • AVL option
  • Simple Voice Scrambler
  • Voting and Scanning
  • A range of option boards available for specialised system solutions

P25 Cap Xmode

SRM9010 Mobile Radio

SRM9010 Mobile Radio


  • Control Head

    Control: Controller Mic
    Channels: 10
    Display: 1-Digit
    MPT1327 Trunking: Programmable
    P25 Compatible: P25
    Function Buttons: 1
    CTCSS/DCS PTT, Re PTT Timers: Yes
    Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
    User/Fixed Scan Groups: 0/10 x 16 channels
    Selcall: Yes
    DTMF: No
    Ignition-Sense switch on/off: Yes
    Vox Handsfree: No
    Internal GPS: Option
    IO Expansion Interface: Option


    Channel Spacing: 10, 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz selectable per channel
    Frequency Bands: E0 ~ 66-88MHz: AC ~ 136-174MHz: K1* ~ 174-208MHz: R3 335-400 MHz: UH ~ 440-520MHz: TU ~ 400-480MHz: * subject to availability
    Operating Temperature: -30˚C to +60˚C Operating (Transceiver) -40˚C to +80˚C Storage
    Antenna Connector: 50Ω BNC
    Enviro. Protection: IP54
    Inputs/Outputs: Ignition sense input, PTT, On/Off, Configurable Output
    Enviro. Standards: MIL-STD-810 F Method Procedure High Temperature 501.4 1, 2 Low Temperature 502.4 1, 2 Humidity 507.4 3 Vibration 514.5 1
    Simoco P25: P25 compliant, 40 zones of 250 channels, Voting, Scanning, Trunked, 1000 channel pool, Individual Calls, Emergency Calls, Analog mode CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/Scrambler, DES-OFB and AES Encryption.
    Trunked Operations: MPT1327/1343 (1024 channels), 250 entry phonebook, Normal, Priority, Emergency, Group, Broadcast, Diversion, Busy and Queued Status Calls, Abbreviated dialing
    Conformance: EN 300 086, EN 300 113, EN 300 219, EN 300 279, AS4295.


    Transmit Power: 3 levels programmable 1-25 W
    Duty Cycle: 1 minute transmit, 4 minute receive
    Audio Distortion: <3% at 1kHz, 60% deviation
    Audio Frequency Response:
    Hum and Noise: >40db (12.5kHz) >45db (25kHz)
    Transmit Rise Time: <25mSec


    Sensitivity: for 0.30μV for 12db SINAD
    Selectivity: >73db (25kHz), >65db (12.5kHz)
    Intermodulation: >70db
    Audio Freq Response: +1dB to -3dB of de-emphasised 300 to 3000Hz
    Audio Output: 4W into 4Ω at <5% distortion (link for 10W into 8Ω)
    Blocking: >95dB at ±1MHz
    Hum and Noise:

    Analogue Conventional

    Analogue Conventional: CTSS · DCS · Sequential Tone (selcall) · FFSK · DTMF · Status · 240 scan/ vote groups · 250 entry phone book

    Analogue Trunked MPT1327

    Analogue Trunked MPT1327: