The SRM9000 mobile radio provides leading edge radio communications solutions for vehicles and plant assets. This radio has evolved to address the needs of diverse markets from simple voice through to advanced system applications.

The functionality and flexibility provided by our unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. Obsolescence is a thing of the past with the SRM9000, as accessing advanced functionality is as simple as a software setting.

P25 Cap Xmode

SRM9000 Transceiver

SRM9000 Transceiver


  • Control Head

    Control: N/A
    Channels: N/A
    Display: N/A
    MPT1327 Trunking: N/A
    P25 Compatible: Yes
    Function Buttons: N/A
    CTCSS/DCS PTT, Re PTT Timers: N/A
    Busy Channel Lockout: N/A
    User/Fixed Scan Groups: N/A
    Selcall: N/A
    DTMF: N/A
    Ignition-Sense switch on/off: N/A
    Vox Handsfree: N/A
    Internal GPS: N/A
    IO Expansion Interface: N/A


    Channel Spacing: 10, 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz selectable per channel
    Frequency Bands: E0 ~ 66-88MHz: AC ~ 136-174MHz: K1* ~ 174-208MHz: R3 335-400 MHz: UH ~ 440-520MHz: TU ~ 400-480MHz: * subject to availability
    Operating Temperature: -30˚C to +60˚C Operating (Transceiver) -40˚C to +80˚C Storage
    Antenna Connector: 50Ω BNC
    Enviro. Protection: IP54
    Inputs/Outputs: Ignition sense input, PTT, On/Off, Configurable Output
    Enviro. Standards: MIL-STD-810 F Method Procedure High Temperature 501.4 1, 2 Low Temperature 502.4 1, 2 Humidity 507.4 3 Vibration 514.5 1
    Simoco P25: P25 compliant, 40 zones of 250 channels, Voting, Scanning, Trunked, 1000 channel pool, Individual Calls, Emergency Calls, Analog mode CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/Scrambler, DES-OFB and AES Encryption.
    Trunked Operations: MPT1327/1343 (1024 channels), 250 entry phonebook, Normal, Priority, Emergency, Group, Broadcast, Diversion, Busy and Queued Status Calls, Abbreviated dialing
    Conformance: EN 300 086, EN 300 113, EN 300 219, EN 300 279, AS4295.


    Transmit Power: 3 levels programmable 1-25 W
    Duty Cycle: 1 minute transmit, 4 minute receive
    Audio Distortion: <3% at 1kHz, 60% deviation
    Audio Frequency Response:
    Hum and Noise: >40db (12.5kHz) >45db (25kHz)
    Transmit Rise Time: <25mSec


    Sensitivity: for 0.30μV for 12db SINAD
    Selectivity: >73db (25kHz), >65db (12.5kHz)
    Intermodulation: >70db
    Audio Freq Response: +1dB to -3dB of de-emphasised 300 to 3000Hz
    Audio Output: 4W into 4Ω at <5% distortion (link for 10W into 8Ω)
    Blocking: >95dB at ±1MHz
    Hum and Noise:

    Analogue Conventional

    Analogue Conventional: CTSS · DCS · Sequential Tone (selcall) · FFSK · DTMF · Status · 240 scan/ vote groups · 250 entry phone book

    Analogue Trunked MPT1327

    Analogue Trunked MPT1327: