Xfin Base takes the same IP principles that form the core of the Xfin Trunked MPT 1327 system to create a totally new concept in conventional basestation technology - a conventional basestation that’s software and IP controlled, enabling a truly distributed solution for in excess of 100 conventional basestations and in excess of 50 Dispatch stations – a conventional basestation that is in all regards quite unconventional.

Xfin Base

Xfin Base


  • Analogue Conventional Operation

    Channel Bandwidth: 10kHz, 12.5kHz(11K0F3EJN) or 25kHz (16K0F3EJN) selectable per channel
    Modulation Freq: F3E (voice) pre-emphasised/flat, or FFSK data (1200 or 2400bps)
    Frequency Bands: E0: 66-88MHz. AC: 136-174MHz. K1*: 174-208MHz. KM*: 208-245MHz R1: 335-375MHz. R3*:335-400MHz, TU:400-480MHz UW:440-520 MHz * subject to availability
    Stability: ± 2.0ppm
    Temperature: -25˚C to +55˚C Operating (100 Watt differs) -40˚C to +80˚C Storage
    Antenna Connect: 2 x 50 Ω female N-type
    Environment: IP20 Humidity <95% non-condensing
    Inputs/Outputs: Programmable facilities connector (37 way D-type) RS232 serial connection (9 way D) Ethernet IP interface (100baseT-RJ45) Power connector (5 Pin, 25 D-shell) - IEC connector
    Supply Voltage: 11.8 to 14.8V DC negative earth (13.65V nominal)
    Type Approval: CE Type approvals to R&TTE Directive 1999/05/EC: EN300-086 Radio, EN300-113 Data, EN301-489-05 EMC, EN300-219 Sig. EN60950 safety, TBR15 and 17-line, FCC and AS/NZ
    Dimensions: 44mm(1U) High x 437mm Wide x 450mm Deep (Excluding cables and ears) ~ (In Wall Mount) 125mm High x 465mm Wide x 470mm Deep
    Power Requirement: 100V AC/230V AC Mains or 12V DC/24V DC (nominal) for 25W Additional 24V needed for 100W version
    Weight: 6.95 kg


    Transmit Power: 1W to 100W, selectable per channel
    Tx Current Consumption: Typical: 25W:5.7A (20˚C ambient; no Engineer’s Handset) Max: 25W:8.85A (fans & audio on max plus Engineer’s Handset)
    Duty Cycle: 100%
    Audio Distortion: <5% at 1kHz, 60% deviation
    Audio Frequency Response: +1dB to – 3dB of pre-emphasised 300 to 3000Hz on 25kHz channel, 300 to 2550Hz on 12.5kHz channel
    Intermodulation: >70dB attenuation (ETSI method)
    Hum and noise: >40dB (12.5kHz), 45dB (25kHz)
    Transmit Rise Time: <25mS


    Sensitivity: Voice: ≥12dB SINAD for 0.3μVpd for 12.5kHz chan. Data: typical FFSK performance for <10-2 BER (<20%MER): 0.3μVpd – 1200 baud in 12.5kHz & 1200/2400 baud in 25 kHz, 0.5μVpd – 2400 baud in 12.5kHz channel. [Ref: EN300-113-1:9.1]
    Rx Current Consumption: Typical: 1.0A (20˚C ambient; no Engineers Handset) Max: 1.55A (fans & audio on max plus Engineers Handset)
    Selectivity: >73dB (25kHz), >63dB (12.5kHz)
    Intermodulation: >70dB attenuation (ETSI method)
    Audio Response: ±3dB of de-emphasised 300Hz to 2.55kHz for 12.5kHz chan with CTCSS
    Distortion: <5%
    Blocking: >95dB at ±1Mhz
    Hum and noise: >40dB (12.5kHz)