Cost Effective Design Core
Maximising component commonality whilst minimising component duplication, TETRA-G addresses design complexity at root by placing four basic design rules at the root of its system design.

Flexible & Scalable
TETRA-G Connect - the entry level ‘out of the box’ TETRA solution with integral Teleconnect. Connect enables cost effective, straight forward deployment for a single site with one carrier and four virtual channels; assimilating at component level into larger Composite Systems; hence securing and future proofing your investment. TETRA-G Composite - a compatible family of common components that form the building blocks of the system. Modular architecture enables scalability by simply slotting additional interface cards into component units, or adding additional units as required. Flexibility extends to the user level with dispatcher options adapted to sector or individual company requirement.

Tetra-G Base Station - TBS11

Tetra-G Base Station - TBS11


  • Features

    Capacity: 1 carrier, 4 TETRA channels
    Band: 380-400 Mhz, 410-430 Mhz, 450-470 Mhz, Configurable duplex spacing, Configurable frequency offset (in 6.25 Khz steps)
    Reception: Diversity (1 or 3 reception channels), TETRA Class A receivers
    Links: IP access, V24 or V11 at 64 Kb/s or G703 (only one time slot used), TLX-SAP level, Integrated 2 Mb/s multiplex
    Configuration: Downloadable
    Service Functions: Access via a maintenance PC, Access to the BS’s parameters, Connection and radio monitoring
    Mechanics: 19-inch 6U rack version, 19-inch 9U box version
    Power Supply: 220V.AC or 48 V.DC