Solar 2 builds on the success of the Solar-Sync principles of a straight-forward plug & play Digital IP Simulcast and Voting solution, extending this capability to enable compact integration of Traffic Manager, Voter and Network Modules in a single 1U chassis together with full remote management and Traffic Manager resilience.

The system consists of Network Interface and Traffic Manager Modules, which can be selectively deployed in the 1U Chassis to achieve the desired network solution. The compact form factor and modular architecture means Solar 2 can be more effectively deployed in a small system desktop and larger network solution environments, where rack space is at a premium. Traffic Manager, at the heart of the system, provides voice routing, redundancy options and supervision, whilst fully duplex Network Interfaces provide connectivity of remote stations and dispatch consoles to the IP infrastructure.

Solar 2

Solar 2


  • Specifications

    Audio I/O: 4 Wire duplex - 24 to 0 dBm, 300 Hz to 3.2KHz from Console or Base Station +/-0.5dB flatness across band
    IP Interface: 10 Base/T RJ45 - UDP/IP
    Environment: 8 Binary I/O
    GPS 1 PPS: 1 PPS Delivered to Solar via RS-422 or TTL

    Environmental & Physical

    Temperature: Operating: -10 to 60C Storage -25 to 85C
    Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz, 10-36VDC, 32-72VDC
    Physical Dimension: 19" rack, 30.5Kg, NI - 3.3Kg
    Weight: TM- 3.5Kg, NI - 3.3Kg
    CE Mark: EN55022/24 & 61000-3-3/3
    FCC Approval: 15B