Supporting instant push-to-talk voice communications and VoIP telephone connectivity as well as open-standards applications support, the Simoco Xd digital base station is more than just a radio repeater. Each SDB670 forms the bridge between groups of radios and extends this to the world of IP.

The SDB670 builds on the highly successful and widely deployed Xfin blade, combining RF elements and control intelligence in one box for a unique architecture that has been proven in systems from a single base station to many hundreds.

SDB670 DMR Base Station

SDB670 DMR Base Station


  • General

    Frequency: AC (136-174 MHz), TU (400-480 MHz)
    Power Supply: 13.6 V DC (25 W) or 110/240V AC (refers to SDB670 (25 W) variants which are available in EMEA only.)
    Frequency Stability: +/-0.5ppm
    Channel Spacing: 12.5kHz, 25kHz
    Channel Capacity: 2000
    Dimensions: 408 mm (width) x 487 mm (deep) x 88.9 mm (height) (19” rack mount)
    Weight: 9.2kg / 8.7 kg
    Emission masks 7K60FXD (data), 7K60FXE (voice), 7K60F1W (voice and data) for 4FSK digital modulation, 11K0F3E for 12.5 kHz modulation


    RF Output Power: 25 W
    Modulation Limiting: +/-2.5 @ 12.5kHz, +/-5.0 kHz @ 25kHz
    FM Hum and Noise: -40dB (TIA-603-B)
    Conducted / Radiated Emission: Complies with ETS086-1 / ASNZS4295 / TIA603-B
    Adjacent Channel Power: -60dBc (ETS086-1)
    Spurious emissions: -80 dBc
    Audio Response: +1/-3dB
    Audio Distortion: 3% (TIA-603-B)
    Digital Vocoder Type: AMBE+2


    Analogue Sensitivity: -117.5dBm (12dB SINAD)
    Digital Sensitivity: -117.5dBm (BER 1%)
    Intermodulation: 70dB (ETS086-1)
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity: >65 dB @ 12.5 kHz, >73 dB @ 25 kHz (ETS086-1)
    Spurious Rejection: 70dB (ETS086-1)
    Hum and Noise: -40dB (TIA603-B)
    Audio Response: +1/-2dB (0.3-2.55kHz)
    Audio Distortion: 3% @ 4W
    Conducted Spurious Emission: -57dBm (ETS086-1)


    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
    Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C (DC variants), -30°C to +55°C (AC variant)


    • Compact 2U size
    • Optional mountings for rack mount and wall mount installations
    • Easily identifiable indications for transmit & receive in both slots
    • Health and alarms are clear at-a-glance, with further information available via IP management application
    • Integrated Power Supply
    • 100% Duty Cycle at 25W
    • IP connectivity for applications interface, configuration, monitoring, telephony and trunking support
    • Programmable facilities connector