Digital Mobile Radio

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Simoco Xd Products


Simoco DMR Solutions

Why Simoco Xd?

Simoco has gone further than anyone else in exploiting the capabilities of IP, to deliver a DMR solution that is more scalable, more flexible, more efficient and at a lower overall cost of ownership.

DMR Overview

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a digital radio standard specified for professional mobile radio (PMR) users developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and first ratified in 2005.

Benefits of Digital

Simoco Xd builds on our previous generations of radio systems adding the benefits of the digital air interface provided by the DMR standard.

Simoco Xtend

Xtend links together up to 15 Simoco DMR base stations to form a low-cost, wide area digital communications network.

DMR Key Features

DMR offers a range of features over analogue such as frequency efficiency, digital voice quality and full duplex telephony.

DMR Tiers

Simoco specialises in DMR Tier II (conventional DMR) and DMR Tier III (Trunked DMR) radio systems.

Simoco Pulse Simoco Telemetry Solutions

Simoco Group’s Pulse portfolio enables utility and public service operators to manage and control smart grids and cities across vast and remote operational areas, where cellular coverage is intermittent and installing wired networks has significant cost implications.