The TETRA-G Voice over IP Recorder is a digital voice recorder designed with user functionality in mind - a powerful software application that enables flexible recording and playback options on a standard specification PC.

Generally speaking, voice recording requirements are task related. That is to say a sequential output of all transmitted speech is not what the user requires. What is required is a system with the flexibility to record, store and locate particular information as defined by the user.

The power of the TETRA-G IP voice recorder lies in its ability to associate user and call information to enable the recording playback of information on demand. The recorder caters for all administrative specifications, such as code-based access control and the overwriting of previous recordings and features user defined record parameters and playback options that enable essential information to be located quickly and conveniently.

Tetra-G VoIP Recorder

Tetra-G VoIP Recorder


  • Specification

    Processor: 450 MHz Pentium Processor
    Sound Card: Sound Card Required
    Hard Drive: 20 Gb required
    RAM: 16 Mb required
    Network: Access to a 10/100 M local area network


    • Dating of called party/calling party references for each call
    • Recording capacity
    • 40 simultaneous calls
    • Automatic deletion of the oldest record if the hard drive is full
    • Recorded calls can be listened to in real time