The full Dispatcher including hardware comprises a standard multimedia PC, a monitor/keyboard with mouse, a microphone, a speaker and a press-to-talk switch for voice calls. Customers may choose to purchase ‘software only’ or a complete Simoco supplied hardware solution.

TETRA-G Dispatcher is extremely flexible with a variety of screen options that can be combined into a single, tailored, multifunctional main working screen according to the specific needs of each operator. Multi functional working provides the user with a complete overview of the status of calls being managed by the system and straight-forward access to an array of facilities to aid call handling

Tetra-G Dispatcher

Tetra-G Dispatcher


  • Features

    Features: Short Data message, Phone List with Dial by Name, Call History Pre programmable SDS messages, Call Diversion, Real Time Call Stack, Multiple Dispatch Groups, Group Calls, Software Loads on a Standard PC, LAN Connectable to TETRA-G, Touch screen enabled

    Minimum PC Specification

    Processor: 1.8 GHz
    RAM: 1Gb DDR2
    Monitor (resolution): 1024 * 769
    HD Capacity: 80 GB
    OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
    Additional Requirements: CD/USB/Headset
    Notes 1:


    • Status of the link with Switch
    • SDS messages transmission
    • Call selection (Simplex, Duplex)
    • Reception status
    • Calling party selection
    • Broadcast call
    • Group selection
    • Stand by mode