Reveloc, short for Remote Vehicle Locator, is a scalable, Microsoft Windows based software solution for monitoring the location of remote vehicles / personnel from a centralised location

Depending on the type of communications media being utilised, GPS capable remote devices can either send in unsolicited positions, be polled individually, or be polled as part of a group. Polling can also be performed on an ad hoc basis or continually according to a flexible, user customisable polling schedule.

Reveloc can monitor all radio equipped resources during migration from MPT1327 to DMR. (Solution requires radios with unique individual IDs and a mobile gateway radio on each network)

Simoco Reveloc AVL

Simoco Reveloc AVL


  • Specifications

    Server Application:
    • Server Geofencing (No-Go, Confinement, Speed and Blast)
    • Events Management (Proximity, Stationary and or Speeding)
    • Logging of Job Assignments
    • Dynamic KML file update for Google Earth Network Link integration
    • Optional Redundancy

    Database Platforms:

    • SQL Express 2005/2008
    • Microsoft Access
    • MSDE 2000

    Image and Map formats:

    • Vector - dng, dxf, sgp, tab
    • GIS map - Bitsts, OSM
    • Raster - bmp, ecw, jpg, tif
    Client Application:
    • Event Management: manage and record contractor jobs, automate proximity messages/ alarms
    • Mining: Track and manage equipment and staff
    • Remote Monitoring: Road crew, council workforce, alarms
    • Security: Track and manage proximity, Duress, Emergency
    • Mass Transport: Vehicles, boats, busses, trains, etc


    • Single PC or WAN/LAN based solution
    • Supports simultaneous connection to multiple gateway radios
    • Support mixed manufacturer hardware fleets
    • Simple database structure for integration with corporate GIS
    • Wide variety of map formats supported
    • Vehicle ignition/Telemetry monitoring
    • Geofencing support (server)
    • Short Data Message support
    • Realtime position export to KML for Google Earth network distribution
    • SOS alerting and SMS/Email broadcast