Get the best from your radio system with Simoco’s range of high performance accessories.

From headsets to batteries, you can do more and communicate better with our high quality products.

  • Audio


    The Simoco range of headsets, earpieces, microphones and speakers ensures clarity of communications whatever the environment. Stay in touch with hands-free headsets and earpieces, or be covert with discreet earpieces. Simoco’s microphones meet every need, supporting ‘man down’ alerts and offering programmable features.

  • Carry Solutions

    Carry Solutions

    Keep your radios near to hand and protected with the Simoco range of carry solutions. Belt clips and cases provide a convenient and accessible way of carrying equipment in the field and carry cases can extend the life of your radio, protecting it against dust and weather extremes.

  • Power


    Stay charged and in contact with Simoco’s power solutions. From spare and replacement batteries to charging units and cables, this range will keep radio systems on-line in the field, vehicle or back at base.

  • Cables and Brackets

    Cables & Brackets

    Simoco’s range of cables and brackets facilitate activities including programming, extending and mounting radio systems.

  • Antennas


    Get the best reception with antennas from Simoco, with a range of options to suit DMR, P25 and analogue mobile and portable radios.

  • Board Kits

    Board Kits

    Extend and enhance the functionality of Simoco radios with a range of board kits.

  • Programming


    Supporting encryption and customisation, the Simoco programming range encompasses console heads, control unit extenders and software upgrades.

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