Video blogs – Smart telemetry solutions

Smart-gridUntil recently, the dream of delivering the smart grids of tomorrow had been hampered by the lack of a reliable means of communicating the data and information required to effectively monitor and control these networks.

Smart grids require communications to be responsive, adaptive and above all reliable. By ensuring mission critical telemetry, however, utilities companies can benefit from real-time insights into their networks as well as the remote and automated control of assets.

We’ve developed two new videos, looking at how Simoco Pulse, our Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry solution helps to deliver mission critical data communications to organisations.

In the first, Simoco Group Chief Executive, Mike Norfield, discusses how utilities companies can install a scalable telemetry communications solution. The video outlines how Simoco Pulse can be deployed by companies in the utilities sector to get large amounts of data back from assets spread across vast territories.

DMR is a wide area technology with a proven track record in delivering mission critical communications. The technology has the power to transform traditional remote telemetry units into IoT gateways, allowing utilities companies to manage tens of thousands of devices across multiple locations in a cost effective way.

In the second video, Andy Woodhall, General Manager, Simoco EMEA, highlights how the different products in the Simoco Pulse suite use DMR Tier III infrastructure to transmit low band data to support the control and monitoring of customer equipment.

Simoco Pulse helps organisations to deliver automated and remote communications, such as real-time monitoring, network optimisation, and proactive maintenance programmes.

The Simoco Pulse range includes the AIR Data Modem that provides connectivity to existing RTU’s via DNP3 protocol and transmits this data over a licensed VHF or UHF DMR Tier III network to a DNP3 gateway at the master control site.

The AIR Pro works on the same principal as the AIR with the added value of being able to offer additional protocols such as Modbus, IE 60870 and Sinaut.

Where a customer has no remote RTU capability then the Elite model provides both the RTU and Data Modem feature in a single integrated unit, which again is able to support all the industry recognised SCADA protocols.

For further information on Simoco’s smart telemetry solutions, click here.