Simoco Xd 700 Series: The next generation of digital mobile radio

Simoco Xd 700 SeriesDigital Mobile Radio (DMR) offers a unique proposition and numerous advantages over other digital public or land mobile radio technologies, especially in the business critical and commercial sectors. As well as being able to better the existing features of analogue radios, DMR provides simple and effective scalability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and a rich new set of features.

That’s why Simoco has expanded its DMR portfolio with the launch of new portable and mobile radios, known as the Simoco Xd 700 Series range. Here’s a look at how the technology has developed over recent years and what the future is likely to hold for DMR.

History and design of DMR

The DMR standard was published by ETSI in 2006 and optimised at the end of 2007. DMR was developed to substitute analogue two-way radio systems with a pin-to-pin digital solution, meaning the digital system should perform the same coverage and application schema — repeater, multisite network, simulcast and trunking — as the previous analog network.

The designers of DMR opted to use TDMA as the underlying technology for the standard as it delivers some very clear benefits, including:

  • Predictable doubling of capacity in existing 12.5 kHz licensed channels
  • Backwards spectrum compatibility with legacy analogue systems
  • Efficient use of infrastructure equipment
  • Longer battery life and greater power efficiency
  • Ease of use and creation of data applications
  • System flexibility through simultaneous voice and data calls
  • Advanced control features
  • Superior audio performance compared to analogue

Next generation DMR

Building on previous generations of our radio systems, the Simoco 700 Series offers a step up in functionality. The headline product in the new portfolio is the 700 Series portable radio, the SDP760, which delivers a number of features including full duplex calling as well as digital and analogue operating modes. An application programme interface (API) enables customised applications to be delivered on the device, and we’ve also improved user experience with a large screen and better image quality.

The digital mobile radio, the SDM730, features full duplex audio, multiple operating modes, a large high-definition screen and a customisable API. The unit is capable of high levels of transmission power to bring clear and reliable coverage to the edge of operational areas. The radio also features Bluetooth, which facilitates the connection of a wide range of accessories.

The future?

Radio communication will continue to play a critical role for professional users, particularly in mission critical environments, such as the safe and successful management of rail networks. Adding new features and functionality to an already trusted and highly reliable solution will only make the case for using this technology even stronger.

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