Simoco Pulse suite expanded – all you need to know

Simoco Pulse AIR Pro and Simoco Pulse ELITE

Simoco Pulse AIR Pro and Simoco Pulse ELITE

The Simoco Pulse range has expanded thanks to the launch of two new devices this month, widening the range of options for organisations interested in implementing a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry solution.

Following the initial launch of the Simoco Pulse AIR data modem earlier in the year, we have now introduced the Pulse AIR Pro advanced data modem and the Pulse ELITE integrated remote telemetry unit (RTU).

Here’s a recap of the new products and the options they bring…

  • Pulse AIR Pro Data Modem
    The launch of the Pulse AIR Pro expands on the functionality of the AIR data modem.  The product is ideal for organisations who already have RTU’s either integrated into their equipment or deployed over unreliable unlicensed UHF or public networks such as 3G or GPRS. The Pulse AIR Pro is a fully protocol featured Data Modem compatible with a large range of customer RTU equipment and SCADA protocols. The product is further enhanced with the Pulse Gateway and a web based programming tool.
  • Pulse ELITE
    The Pulse ELITE is a fully integrated RTU with digital and analogue inputs for the collection of data and status information from a variety of equipment in the utilities sector such as pumps, meters, switchgear and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The ELITE is available in a number of configurations depending on requirements.

With the addition of these new products, Simoco Pulse now gives organisations the flexibility  to choose the solution that fits most with their current infrastructure set-ups and future needs, regardless of whether they already have remote telemetry units in place or not.

The portfolio is ideal for organisations looking to manage and control networks across wide operational areas by ensuring the reliable communication of low band data. This include organisations operating in the energy, utilities, and public safety markets.

Recent successful deployment of the Pulse solution in the field includes roll out by Western Power Distribution, who announced last month that Simoco Pulse roll out will commence in the Midlands region during June with the deployment of the first key strategic locations. Telemetry data generated by the solution can be used to indicate outages, network performance and operate assets remotely, giving greater insight and control to utilities providers.

For further information on the Simoco Pulse suite of products click here.