About Simoco

Simoco meets the communications needs of organisations throughout the world. We work where communications are critical to operational success in sectors including public safety and security, utilities, natural resources, transport, and government and public infrastructure.

We are a full lifecycle systems integrator and combine innovation with expertise to exploit the capabilities of IP and cloud based technology to deliver scalable, flexible and efficient critical communication solutions across DMR, P25 and analogue. Whether for day-to-day operations or for crisis situations which demand a rapid and accurate response, our solutions are built around how people work best.

Company History

Formed from Pye Telecommunications Ltd, Simoco’s radio communications heritage dates back to before the Second World War, when the company grew rapidly in order to address the military mobile communications requirements of the time.

Acquired by Philips in 1976, the company has maintained its investment in new technologies and demonstrated the first compliant TETRA equipment at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva in 1995.

In 2002 the company became Team Simoco and continued to lead in the radio technology industry with tailored integrated radio communications solutions.

It's a spirit of innovation and a commitment to the leading edge of technology that has maintained the company at the forefront of the mobile radio communications market ever since.

  • After the war it supplied the equipment for the first UK Licensed PMR radio network CAMTAX and later made the first fully synthesized radio for the Royal Navy.
  • In the 1960s it established its international credentials by designing the first solid state portable UHF radio, used in their thousands by police forces around the world.
  • As Philips RCS Ltd and Philips Research Labs, the company led the design of the MPT1327 trunked radio standard and worked with the DTI in the UK to establish the final MPT1327 protocols. In parallel the company was also heavily involved in the development of GSM and similarly contributed to the development of the POCSAG radio paging protocol.
  • In the 1990s the company was one of the key contributors to the new TETRA digital radio standard and demonstrated the first compliant TETRA equipment at ITU-95 in Geneva, whilst maintaining the leading edge in analogue technologies with the development of the SRM9000 range of DSP (digital signal processor) based software radios.
  • More recently the company led the development of radio over IP products with the introduction of Xfin distributed network architectures and Dalman Simulcast over IP products, creating the foundations for its future digital radio strategies.

Today as Simoco, the company is one of the world’s leading radio communications specialists, providing cutting edge Private Mobile Radio (PMR) products and services including Analogue PMR, TETRA, P25 and DMR to organisations around the globe.

Recent projects include:

  • 103 site MPT1327 network for UK based utility company Western Power
  • City-Wide TETRA radio network in Beijing
  • National Radio communications network across Panama
  • Trunked radio solution for Kazakhstan-China pipeline
  • State wide utility network throughout Michigan, USA
  • P25 and analogue simulcast over IP network solutions for customers in Arizona, California, and North Carolina