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Digital Mobile Radio


Learn about Simoco's complete end-to-end DMR solution supporting both Tier II Conventional and Tier III Trunked.

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Simoco's industry leading P25 range offers reliable and secure communications in conventional, simulcast and trunked architectures.

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Analogue and MPT1327


Simoco has a rich portfolio of analogue and MPT1327 radio products with systems deployed world-wide.

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About Simoco

Simoco meets the communications needs of organisations throughout the world. We work where communications are critical to operational success in sectors including public safety and security, utilities, natural resources, transport, and government and public infrastructure.

We are a full lifecycle systems integrator and combine innovation with expertise to exploit the capabilities of IP and cloud based technology to deliver scalable, flexible and efficient critical communication solutions across DMR, P25, and analogue.

Whether for day-to-day operations or for crisis situations which demand a rapid and accurate response, our solutions are built around how people work best.

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Latest Events

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Future Networks Conference

Future Networks Conference

21 March 2017
Birmingham Conference & Events Centre, UK

IWCE 2017

IWCE 2017

Conference: March 27-31, 2017
Exhibits: March 29-30, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center

Water: Operational Technology and Data

Water: Operational Technology and Data

26 - 27 April 2017
Mercure Warwickshire Walton Hall, UK

Press Releases

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November 08, 2016

TDE’s NOMAD DMR III Trunked network to provide users with full duplex calling and advanced application offering

October 17, 2016

Next generation portable and mobile radios bring full duplex calling to Digital Mobile Radio

September 30, 2016

Elliot Creech begins a career in radio communications with Team Telecom Group

June 23, 2016

Nick Avill to play a leading role in expansion of company's telemetry solution, Simoco Pulse

June 15, 2016

Pulse AIR Pro and ELITE models increase portfolio’s SCADA capabilities

May 23, 2016

Utilities provider installs Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry solution to improve grid management capabilities

Blog Articles

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Simoco Xd 700 Series

Simoco Xd 700 Series: The next generation of digital mobile radio

17 October 2016

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) offers a unique proposition and numerous advantages over other digital public or land mobile radio technologies, especially in the business critical and commercial sectors. As well as being able to better the existing features of analogue radios, DMR provides simple and effective scalability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and a rich new set of features.

Radio Mast

Video blogs – Smart telemetry solutions

28 July 2016

Until recently, the dream of delivering the smart grids of tomorrow had been hampered by the lack of a reliable means of communicating the data and information required to effectively monitor and control these networks.

Radio Mast

Ensuring Effective Radio Network Maintenance

14 July 2016

If you're a regular reader of Land Mobile you might have caught a recent article on radio maintenance which features comment from our very own Barend Gildenhuys, technical director at Simoco Group.

Simoco Pulse AIR Pro and Simoco Pulse ELITE

Simoco Pulse suite expanded – all you need to know

23 June 2016

The Simoco Pulse range has expanded thanks to the launch of two new devices this month, widening the range of options for organisations interested in implementing a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry solution.

CCW 2016

Simoco wrap-up successful showing at Critical Communications World 2016

15 June 2016

We’ve just returned from Amsterdam where the Simoco team has been busy showcasing our latest DMR telemetry solution to the packed crowds at CCW 2016.

White Papers

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Delivering SCADA Telemetry over DMR for Mission Critical Communications

Delivering SCADA Telemetry over DMR for Mission Critical Communications

Telemetry data is essential to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our whitepaper explores how Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) can be used to deliver reliable and robust SCADA communications.

Critical Communications in the Field

Critical Communications in the Field

Oil and gas environments present some of the most inaccessible and harsh operating conditions for workforce communications. Mark Yates, Simoco’s Regional Technical Director for SE Asia explores what you need to think about when installing and managing radio systems in this complex sector.

Distributed Architecture for Radio System

Distributed Architecture for Radio Systems

The benefits of reliable communications are well understood by operators of business and mission critical radio networks. But are radio users in public safety, utility, natural resources, government and transportation making the best use of today’s telecommunications technology?

Open Standard DMR trunking

Open Standard DMR Tier III Trunking

The open standard nature of DMR Tier III trunking has driven its emergence, ongoing development and adoption across global markets. In this paper, Andy Grimmett Head of Product Strategy at Simoco Group examines some of the many different technologies within the PMR/LMR industry and explains why DMR Tier III is emerging as the dominant PMR/LMR standard.


M2M and the role of Radio

Simoco considers radio’s place within the M2M market, in respect of wireless communications as a data bearer within the M2M system. M2M technology has firmly established itself at the operational heart of many industries and continues to offer an array of capabilities including remote monitoring, tracking and configuration that ultimately drive efficiencies and better cost management.

Simulcast P25

Simulcast P25: Reality and Myth

The benefits of Simulcast technology are well proven, delivering cost effective wide area coverage, efficient use of frequencies and ease of use for both mobile users and controllers. Andrew Wozencroft, Product Manager and Brian Overton, Bid Engineer, examine the real issues in getting the best performance from Simulcast systems and exploiting the full benefits of an IP infrastructure.

Critical Communications in a Process Driven World

Critical Communications in a Process Driven World

Customers in critical communications are looking beyond push-to-talk voice to an all-IP world of converged applications while at the same time needing to drive down costs. Group Marketing Director, Jonathan Bunce, puts the case for DMR as the worthy successor to TETRA.