Simoco Xd 700 Series: The next generation of digital mobile radio

Posted: Monday, 17 October 2016 by Ian Carr

Simoco Xd 700 SeriesDigital Mobile Radio (DMR) offers a unique proposition and numerous advantages over other digital public or land mobile radio technologies, especially in the business critical and commercial sectors. As well as being able to better the existing features of analogue radios, DMR provides simple and effective scalability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and a rich new set of features.

That’s why Simoco has expanded its DMR portfolio with the launch of new portable and mobile radios, known as the Simoco Xd 700 Series range. Here’s a look at how the technology has developed over recent years and what the future is likely to hold for DMR.

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Video blogs – Smart telemetry solutions

Posted: Thursday, 28 July 2016 by Mike Norfield

Smart-gridUntil recently, the dream of delivering the smart grids of tomorrow had been hampered by the lack of a reliable means of communicating the data and information required to effectively monitor and control these networks.

Smart grids require communications to be responsive, adaptive and above all reliable. By ensuring mission critical telemetry, however, utilities companies can benefit from real-time insights into their networks as well as the remote and automated control of assets.

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Ensuring Effective Radio Network Maintenance

Posted: Thursday, 14 July 2016 by Barend Gildenhuys

Radio MastIf you’re a regular reader of Land Mobile you might have caught a recent article on radio maintenance which features comment from our very own Barend Gildenhuys, technical director at Simoco Group.

With modern two-way networks more robust than ever the article discusses how much maintenance is required given the latest technology is so reliable.  It points to the wide range of advice available for radio network managers, including information on radio site engineering from ETSI and the Federation of Communications Services (FCS).

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Simoco Pulse suite expanded – all you need to know

Posted: Thursday, 23 June 2016 by Andy Woodhall
Simoco Pulse AIR Pro and Simoco Pulse ELITE

Simoco Pulse AIR Pro and Simoco Pulse ELITE

The Simoco Pulse range has expanded thanks to the launch of two new devices this month, widening the range of options for organisations interested in implementing a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) telemetry solution.

Following the initial launch of the Simoco Pulse AIR data modem earlier in the year, we have now introduced the Pulse AIR Pro advanced data modem and the Pulse ELITE integrated remote telemetry unit (RTU).

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Simoco wrap-up successful showing at Critical Communications World 2016

Posted: Wednesday, 15 June 2016 by Andy Woodhall

CCW 2016We’ve just returned from Amsterdam where the Simoco team has been busy showcasing our latest DMR telemetry solution to the packed crowds at CCW 2016. Simoco Pulse was a big attraction with a wide range of critical comms professionals visiting the Simoco stand, and we engaged them by showing how low band telemetry data is becoming an increasingly important part of the mission critical-mix.

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Simoco to showcase DMR telemetry solution at CCW 2016

Posted: Tuesday, 24 May 2016 by Andy Woodhall

We are excited to announce that Simoco will be attending the world’s leading conference and exhibition dedicated to critical communications, Critical Communications World 2016, from 31st May to 2nd June in Amsterdam.CCW 2016

At the event, we will be promoting Simoco Pulse, which uses our expertise in DMR to deliver a reliable telemetry solution to organisations, such as utilities and public service operators that are looking to manage and control smart grids and networks across wide operational areas.

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Why scalability is at the heart of reliable radio comms for today and the future

Posted: Monday, 16 May 2016 by Mike Norfield

ScalabilityOne of the main communications challenges for companies in the utilities, transport and energy sectors is balancing the need for reliability with the ability to scale solutions where required.  These companies operate in some of the most inaccessible and harsh environments on our planet, with field operations that often span large distances and include tens of thousands of sites.  The critical nature of service delivery in these sectors means that the consequences of failure are high and combining resilient radio communications with scalability is essential in fast-changing markets.

Moving to digital radio communications brings many advantages – crystal-clear audio, greater coverage, more efficient use of spectrum, and longer battery life, amongst many others. One of the greatest benefits of DMR, however, is its scalable, forward-looking architecture, particularly when it comes to low band telemetry data transmissions.

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Video Blog: Simoco Pulse – The Development Story

Posted: Friday, 29 April 2016 by Mike Norfield
Simoco Pulse AIR

Simoco Pulse AIR

In the latest in our series of video blogs, Group CEO, Mike Norfield, introduces Simoco Pulse. Launched earlier this year, the Pulse portfolio enables utility and public service operators to manage and control smart grids and cities across vast and remote operational areas, where cellular coverage is intermittent and installing wired networks has significant cost implications.

The Simoco Pulse solution was created after conversations with Simoco’s utilities sector clients who were asking if they could put their mission critical telemetry data over DMR networks to ensure a more reliable means of communication. As a result, Simoco developed and designed data modems and RTU telemetry devices that would work over a DMR network.

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Video Blog: PMR and Telemetry in Utilities

Posted: Tuesday, 26 April 2016 by Mike Norfield

Over the next few months, Simoco will be launching a series of video blogs aimed at explaining some of the latest developments in radio communications. Presented by our Group CEO, Mike Norfield, and other key members of the Simoco team, the videos will highlight key industry trends and the challenges faced in a range of industry Simoco Pulsesectors, as well as practical tips for ensuring the best mission critical solutions for your business needs.

In this first video we discuss the deployment of PMR and telemetry technologies by companies in the utilities sector. With market dynamics changing so fast, utilities companies around the world are facing more demands than ever to improve efficiency and utilisation, as well as a growing requirement to integrate disparate technologies.

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Simoco to highlight role of DMR in utilities telemetry at UTC 2016

Posted: Tuesday, 19 April 2016 by Gary Correia

UTC 2016Fresh from our recent visit to IWCE, we’re looking forward to demonstrating our new DMR telemetry solution, Simoco Pulse, at UTC Telecom & Technology 2016.

Running from May 3-6 in Denver, Colorado, this year’s event is set to be one of the best yet. We’ll be joining thousands of ICT professionals and technology partners to discuss the latest issues and innovations in the water, electric and gas utilities industry.

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